Bodil Kjær returns to the fore


Well into her ninth decade, Kjær finds herself in the midst of an unforeseen renaissance. Though she spent the majority of her professional life working in interior architecture, office and urban planning, and education, Kjær is perhaps most publicly known for her furniture series Elements of Architecture. These pieces — which included diverse seating, low tables, a daybed, lighting, tabletop accessories and a desk — were developed over eight years, early in Kjær’s career, starting in 1955, when she was just 23. Now, more than a half-century later, many of these designs have been put back into production, ready to be introduced this spring to a new generation of modernist-minded consumers. Kjær, meanwhile, finds herself out of retirement and firmly back at work. “It’s been a very busy two years,” she says. “And I haven’t had a proper office since the late 1980s, so, well, here we are.”

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Aarhus | March 2018

Text: Quote from article  Photo: Felix Odell


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